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Exploring pathways of film education throughout students’ experiences of Scottish secondary school







In this article, Kerry Abercrombie, a teacher of Media and English at Larbert High School in Falkirk, Scotland, explores the unique specialist pathway called School of Media, where young people are able to engage with film education throughout their entire experience of high school.    MORE


Keywords: #media #film #education #scotland #secondary schools #sqa

Teaching Film Everywhere: Mark Reid (BFI) and Saskia van Roomen (London Film School) In Conversation







Mark Reid, Head of Film Education at the British Film Institute (BFI) interviews Saskia van Roomen about the range of her work, across formal and informal education, with children, students, film-makers, and parents and families, in practical, creative, terms as well as in the sheer unadulterated pleasure of watching films from all over the world.     MORE


Keywords: #film education #BFI #Into Film #London Film School

Exploring the place of animation in Scottish moving image education








In this article animator and film practitioner Jonathan Charles and academic Robert Munro discuss the benefits and challenges of using animation through a detailed look at a filmmaking project within a primary school in East Lothian. The article also provides, via Jonathan’s personal experience, an overview of animation practices and how its place in film education has evolved over the past decade.   MORE

pyrocat pic.png

Keywords: #animation #film education #scotland #primary schools

Sharing lived experiences through the film education project Cinema en curs 








This article explores the Catalonian project Cinema en curs, an annual, recurring and now international programme of film education that takes place with students aged 10–18 in schools and colleges. Set up in 2005-6 by Núria Aidelman and Laia Collel from the arts association A Bao a Qu, the project now runs across various regions of Spain and internationally.  




Keywords: #filmmaking #realism #place-based education

Learning from the Understanding Cinema project in Scotland








This article provides a detailed, first-hand overview of the filmmaking project Understanding Cinema. Author and filmmaker Jamie Chambers worked as a tutor on the project between 2013 and 2019 and reflects on both its highlights and challenges. For teachers interested in making films, it provides a detailed account of how ‘a well-designed pedagogy’ can ‘allow simple, yet deep access to cinematic aesthetics’.




Keywords: #filmmaking; #Scotland; 

#primary school

Securing a place for film within a Scottish secondary school 








Michael Daly and Jacqueline Thomson are English teachers at John Paul Academy, an inner-city secondary school in Glasgow, Scotland. Working together as probationary teachers, they decided to start an after-school film club. From there, film has gradually become a central part of their teaching strategy, and has moved beyond their own English and Media classrooms to become embedded within John Paul Academy’s broader curriculum. MORE


Keywords: #secondary school #Scotland #film club; #English

Exploring local heritage through a documentary filmmaking project in Chile








Felipe Correa describes the process of a documentary filmmaking project at a secondary school in Chile. Its aim was to encourage students to engage with the places, crafts and community where they live. Over the course of a year, students watched and analysed documentary films from different periods and cultures, whilst performing practical filmmaking inside and outside the school. MORE

correa article.png

Keywords: #filmmaking; #Chile #documentary; #cultural heritage

Cinema workshops within marginalised communities in Chile








Alicia Vega is a Chilean film scholar, educator and outreach worker who has run a series of cinema workshops within highly disadvantaged communities across Chile, which provided younger children with formative understandings of cinema, for over 30 years This is a rich and intimate account of how film can be used within community learning and outreach programmes. MORE


Keywords: #filmmaking #Chile 

#outreach work; #active viewing

Filmmaking about social issues with primary school children in Scotland 









Read about the experiences of Scottish teachers at Granton Primary School in Edinburgh. This case study of the making of the short film See You Tomorrow is a great first-hand account of some of the benefits and challenges to consider when creating films in a primary-school context. Discover a range of tips and ideas for you to take away and use back in the classroom with your pupils. MORE



Keywords: #filmmaking; #racism; 

#primary school; #emotional literacy

Discussing films in the classroom with children of different ages in Slovenia









How can we best approach discussing films in the classroom? Mirjana Borcic is one of the foremost figures within Slovenian film education. Explore a range of her ideas on how film can be used as a means of facilitating  discussion in the classroom, and in particular on how to ensure that discussions are pupil-centred and encourage creative thinking. MORE



Keywords: #discussing film #Slovenia 

#student voice; #active viewing

A 16 week course of practical filmmaking with secondary school children in Portugal









Explore the detailed overview of a filmmaking project from start to finish, which provides a useful model for secondary school teachers interested in making films with their students. This case study of film education in Portugal takes readers through the 16 weeks of a filmmaking course, acting almost as a project diary, describing the weekly tasks and outcomes. MORE



Keywords: #filmmaking; #Portugal  #secondary school; #collaborative; 

Towards an Anti-Racist Syllabus: Inclusive Pedagogy in Animation Studies and Beyond









Fantasy/Animation is a free-to-access and peer-reviewed educational resource, website, blog, and podcast dedicated to the relationship between fantasy storytelling and the medium of animation. This article provides the outcome of a roundtable discussion that took place at the Canterbury Anifest event in February 2021, as well as additional links and ideas for classroom activities. MORE


Keywords: #fantasy; #animation #diversity; #inclusion; #BIPOC; #gender; #race

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