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UCL film education journal - FINAL (JUST

Filmmaking about social issues with primary school children in Scotland 









Read about the experiences of Scottish teachers at Granton Primary School in Edinburgh. This case study of the making of the short film See You Tomorrow is a great first-hand account of some of the benefits and challenges to consider when creating films in a primary-school context. Discover a range of tips and ideas for you to take away and use back in the classroom with your pupils. MORE


Keywords: #filmmaking; #racism; 

#primary school; #emotional literacy

Discussing films in the classroom with children of different ages in Slovenia









How can we best approach discussing films in the classroom? Mirjana Borcic is one of the foremost figures within Slovenian film education. Explore a range of her ideas on how film can be used as a means of facilitating  discussion in the classroom, and in particular on how to ensure that discussions are pupil-centred and encourage creative thinking. MORE



Keywords: #discussing film #Slovenia 

#student voice; #active viewing

A 16 week course of practical filmmaking with secondary school children in Portugal









Explore the detailed overview of a filmmaking project from start to finish, which provides a useful model for secondary school teachers interested in making films with their students. This case study of film education in Portugal takes readers through the 16 weeks of a filmmaking course, acting almost as a project diary, describing the weekly tasks and outcomes. MORE



Keywords: #filmmaking; #Portugal  #secondary school; #collaborative; 

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